Nothing says « shut up and take my money » more than a Psyduck teapot

The older I get, the more relatable Psyduck seems to be. Life can just be giant headache sometimes as an adult–you know? Perhaps that’s why Psyduck has managed to hang on to a steady contingent of fans ever since being introduced to the world back in 1996. From life-size plushies to quality, high-end necklaces, new…
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In a Batman series first, Gotham adopts a real sister city: A Japanese city named after a bat – Japan Today

Gotham City, the famous setting of the Batman series, including the upcoming film « The Batman, » has officially entered into a sister city relationship in the real world: Fukuyama City in Hiroshima Prefecture. This is the first city in the history of the series and the first city in the world to…
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A mascot inspired by a painting: Torarin the Kyoto National Museum mascot

Toranin de Tora tigre et rin rinpa

Tora stands for tiger and « rin » for RInpa the Japanese school of Japanese painting.

It comes from this painting by the Rinpa school painter Ogata Korin (1658-1716).called Toranozu This ink painting shows a sitting tiger between bamboo shoots. The face of the tiger seems to be smiling itonically.

Torarin tweets

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