Japanese Ritual Dances Added to UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity List | Nippon.com

A total of 41 Japanese furyū odori or ritual dances from 24 prefectures are now part of the UNESCO representative list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. — À lire sur http://www.nippon.com/en/japan-data/h01530/japanese-ritual-dances-added-to-unesco-intangible-cultural-heritage-of-humanity-list.html

“Kappa”: The Terror of Japan’s Rivers | Nippon.com

Kappa once had a terrifying reputation for dragging people to their death underwater and devouring their organs. From the 1950s, however, they have increasingly been seen as cute and humorous characters. — À lire sur http://www.nippon.com/en/japan-topics/b02505/kappa-the-terror-of-japan’s-rivers.html you probably heard about Kappa with anime like this one Kappa no Coo natsu yasumi but they were moreLire la suite « “Kappa”: The Terror of Japan’s Rivers | Nippon.com »

Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama: Infinite Possibility

Stories is your go-to for the latest news and features from Harrods, including Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama: Infinite Possibility. — À lire sur http://www.harrods.com/en-gb/stories/louis-vuitton-yayoi-kusama-collaboration je vous conseille d’aller voir sur Instagram arte_metaverse il y a de nombreuses images intéressantes de Yayoi Kusama!

Il a trouvé sa place

Mon petit coussin acheté à Sakaiminato! C’est un nurikabe ぬりかべ、 nurikabe est un Yōkai mur qui bloque ou détourne les voyageurs . Pour le dépasser il suffit de frapper sa base pour qu’il disparaisse Petite liste des obake ici https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_legendary_creatures_from_Japan

Japanese Vending Machines at Night Juxtaposed with a Wintry Hokkaido Landscape | Spoon & Tamago

Japanese Vending Machines at Night Juxtaposed with a Wintry Hokkaido Landscape | Spoon & Tamago — À lire sur http://www.spoon-tamago.com/2017/10/04/japanese-vending-machines-at-night-juxtaposed-with-a-wintry-hokkaido-landscape/ beautiful vending machines in the snow ❄️ 😍