You can never have too many magazines about Kyoto

I went to Maruzen to buy Kyoto Walker but I may have been a little bit carried away because I actually bought 3 magazines . Each has its strong points and shows things I was really interested in or places I really wanted to go so they are all essential… to me !

The first one is green and you don’t need to read Japanese to understand that it’s the book of matcha. It’s full of mouth watering photos..

I think that cafes will be a little bit more difficult to find than in the other magazines because it lacks a clear map on the page but it lists matcha cakes or sweets sold at convenience stores and that is very interesting since they now sell cakes or ice creams made from Uji matcha !

The second one is also a small size which makes it easy to carry around with you all day! For me it’s the perfect combo of places to visit and things to eat .

I really hesitated in taking the bigger one, Kyoto Perfect, but I was drawn by an article showing an explanation of the calligraphy monks make in temples . You can collect them in a goshuin book for a small fee. It’s really well done and, with other places, worth the 1100 yen.

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Octobre 2022 est le GRAND RETOUR au Japon! De nouvelles idées shopping , des photos, des onsens et les grandes retrouvailles avec les pays, sa culture, les amies...

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