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Secret de beauté japonais: les crottes de rossignol


Je lisais un article sur la marque Uguisu et je me suis mise à chercher des infos sur la marque (pour tout vous dire parce que je pensais que c’était une marque de Kyoto) et je suis tombée sur ce secret de beauté japonais (qui n’est pas lié à la marque mais reprends le même nom) uguisu no fun = nightingale droppings = crottes de rossignol.


Voici le descriptif:

For softer, whiter and radiant-looking skin, in minutes! Used for centuries by geishas and kabuki actors to beautify and cleanse skin and remove makeup.

This is the original Japanese Nightingale droppings facial powder, also known as « bird poop facial ». As seen on TV and used by Hollywood celebrities. 

Contains natural « guanine », an organic compound widely used by the cosmetics industry for restoring skin damaged by aging and exposure to sun.

Treated by Ultraviolet light and completely bacteria free.

• Lightens Skin Without Bleaching
• Adds Natural Brilliance to Skin
• Helps Skin Damaged by Sun Exposure & Aging
• Cleanses Skin Pores

Malheureusement se procurer la matière première est de plus en plus difficile ^^


Our manufacturer informed us in January 2013 that unfortunately they had to discontinue this item due to the fact that the numbers of the birds that produce the droppings are quickly dwindling.
We are completely SOLD OUT and no longer carrying this item.
According to Japanese Law regarding bird protection, it is prohibited to breed or raise wild birds (including the Nightingale) in Japan and importing the Nightingale bird from Overseas is prohibited due to the Washington Convention.

Some people might find the musky smell of this product objectionable but it will not leave an odor after use. ^^

Donc si vous avez un arbre dans lequel les rossignols se perchent souvent vous savez quoi faire!