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Miam, j’en veux, gardez m’en un ! Déjà que j’aimais beaucoup Starbucks pour son matcha frappucino (kuriimu nashi de) je vais pouvoir le rajouter à mon petit déjeuner !!!

Source: Japan Today


5000 yen effectivement c’est plus cher que le repas mais le goût subtil du matcha nous fait tourner la tête.


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One of the first English lessons I taught in Japan was about how to use words like “everywhere” and “nothing.” As part of the class, the students had to practice making sentences with “everyone,” and one woman stood up and gave hers, which was “Everyone likes pudding.”

I’m not sure I’ve ever heard a truer statement. Pudding is universally popular. Even the very wealthy love it, which is why one company in Japan is now selling matcha green tea pudding made from such high-quality ingredients that it costs more than most meals that could precede the tasty dessert.

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