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Takeo Tokyo Edible Black Ants Etes vous prêts à payer 32 euros pour goûter des fourmis noires? j’adore le pitch

« It can (be) enjoyed just as it is or added to various other dishes, such as bread, pasta, pizza, salad, and rice. The ants come salted but retain their natural sweetness. Don’t worry, the ants (originally from Thailand) are 100% dehydrated, so won’t even look too shocking when you open the can. What’s more, this isn’t just a « crazy food » gimmick. Black ants are said to be incredibly strong, capable of carrying masses a hundred times their own weight. As such, people consume black ants as a health food or part of Chinese medicine. Eating them can help relieve fatigue, adjust immunity levels, reduce joint pain and Lumbago, and prevent the onset of the signs of aging. »

Ah ben si c’est anti âge alors!

Takeo Tokyo Edible Black Ants on dirait un peu de la terre quand même!