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In kanazawa



I forgot to talk about my trip to KANAZAWA using my railpass. I had already been there some year ago to see the famous garden KENROKU EN and the geisha house  SHIMA.
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This time I just saw the two geisha houses ( see the link under). I love Shima because it’s really quiet and you can have maccha and cake in the little room facing the garden for 700 yen. Last time I had been there I was alone taking a tea and this time too, it was so relaxing. I’ll put the picture of the little pink bowl whose colous exactly matched the one of my sweet later with all the others.
Photo 253 Photo 252  Photo 251 a moment of pure bliss
The other geisha house is much more gaudy but still very interesting, when you see it from outside you don’t dare to go because it looks like a restaurant. Inside the first thing you see is a huge staircase.
Photo 271 
the fusuma are painted, some more recently and the inside garden is decorated with shards of glass
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Photo 262 view of the inside garden Photo 263
A good thing to know, both houses give you a reduction if you present your one day bus pass ( the loop bus pass for 500 yen)
shopping on that day’ 3 pairs of chopsticks, one showing a rabbit on a silver background, the other two have ends that look like lollipops in acid green and shocking pink