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河童のはなし: une histoire de Kappa 河童のCOOと夏やすみ Vacances d’été avec un Kappa prénommé Coo

 Haven’t really has the chance to write for a while as I was really busy with visiting temples with japanese friends and shopping.
Last Wednesday I saw a great anime though,it’s called 河童の COO と 夏やすみ ( Kappa no Coo to natsu yasumi) my summer holidays with a kappa called COO.
A Kappa is a japanese folktale creature, green with webbed feet and hands.It’s very strong and get its strength from the water that it keeps in a little depresion at the top of his head. It lives in the rivers and loves zucchini.
I loved the story it was really cute and the drawings of the kappa and of the scenery are really well done. One of my favourite is one where COO climbs on Tokyo tower; because he’s green and the tower is red the image is really contrasted.
I bought the coo kappa doll from the cinema !! I’m such a child. Now all the people I show it want one too.
The song called « Natsu no Shizuku » is by Yurika Ohyama