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favourite things to do in Japan

– go to my favourite massage parlour, a lovely family owned place called BODY PLUS Hand Therapy  (where gaijins fear to tread apparently coz I’ve never seen a whitey there) where you can show the masseur where you have problems on a kind of body chart. it’s lovely.
-watch for Maiko san in Gion (I can’t believe one actually smiled  directly at me last year)
-eat green tea ice cream with dango (it’s called a chiffon maccha cake) in a small cafe near Yasaka Jinja
-sit on the banks of Kamogamo river and watch the birds fish in the evening, it’s sooo relaxing
-go to Shimogamo Shrine when there is the masturi. Crossing the river, praying to the gods and then drinking water from the shrine will make you summer free of any disease. In summer the ricer is cool and it’s so much fun to see people cross the river, girls squeal and children pull up their yukata. After I usually have some snacks at the fait just before.
-go to the sento near Uno House (you get out of there soo fresh and relaxed)
-go to the onsen near Kitatenmangu shrine
-just go onsen freaking as usual… my favourite now is KINOSAKI ONSEN
-pay my respects to Kyomizu dera, then love shrine inside and all my favourite places in Kyoto (YASAKA JINJA and the temple just behind with the kare sansui garden and the great sliding doors with a white dragon ENTOKU IN , also all the dry rock gardens, INARI TAISHA etc….
-explore the 100 shop mania that is Kyoto and squeal (on my own or with friends is better… )
-bargain for kimono and yukata at the market on the 21st TOJI TEMPLE and 25th of each month near KITANO TENMANGU in Kyoto
-Find silly Hello Kitty things (I miss you Hélène to do that, coz squealing onyour own is not so much fun)
-karaoke with friends is best (Miki chan, Kinuko chan and all the girls working in Uno house of course)
-go with friends to a silly pullicula to take pictures to stick in your pulliculla book
-go to Maruzen (books books) or Kinokunya in Tokyo
-Go back to Asakusa (especially in the evening) and watch people burning incense,
to be continued

NEW 2022: I hope I can meet you again girls. We have not been in touch but I’d love to