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last day

For the last day Graziella the bubu and I went to KYOMIZU DERA, for a last bit of shopping. It was crowded and we even saw a gaijin girl dressed up as a maiko san only she was so tall it was quite obvious, and quite horrible too I thought. She must have been 1m80at least and the japanese turned round and said "gaijin gaijin". I didn’t want to take pictures of her but took two japanese girls in their rickshaw.
 I love this close up of an omikuji left on a tree, you can just see the last kanjis of KYOMIZU DERA
I shouldn’t have but I took these pics of a maneki neko in a shop
These two are a reinterpretation of GEGEGE NO KITARO the little boy who fights traditional japanese ghosts, the eye is his dead father and he’s the one on the right with his hair over his eye.
And you recognize that of course unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past 20 years
We split to do our respective check in as I was sleeping in BUDGET INN to take the train the nex day. How does it compare to Uno house?
Well it’s more like a hotel, the rooms are really hotel like even if you take a dorm and as I arrived late and left early I didn’t meet anybody. The guys at the reception were very friendly and I took a pic of this little message on the lift door.
cute message in my hotel
I’d say it’s ok, though I’d prefer the rooms and the atmosphere are the TOUR CLUB but at least there is no curfew. They are both too close to the station though which makes it hard to come back at night.
In Budget Inn you can have your own key so you can come back anytime and live early in the morning (I just left my key in the letter box) but the bed don’t have curtains so you get all the light from people coming late. The bathroom and toiletw were in the room which was practical.
The Tour club had got a great lounge with tv and a kitchen BUT a curfew which is a big problem, the bed were nice and had a curtain.
BOTH have air conditioning
We left karaoke around 2 that night and I took a cab because I didn’t want to walk back…. it was around 1000yen… whereas Gazi and the bubu walked back.
I went back to UNO HOUSE to get them and we went to the nearby sento with Grazie
  bye bye Uno House    last goodbye to dear old UNO HOUSE
 last sento last sento1 last sento with grazou
We had dinner in ZAWATAMI  zawatami  a chain ikakaya which makes the most delicious grilled garlic octopus.
yeah right ! you’re drinking orange juice in a big jug  orange juice ..right
care to have a look at the drinks menu ???
Yes I have great panda eyes, thanks grazie for the advice ( soo that’s why the waiter was looking at me in a strange way)… ok I explain, you know what people who have digital cameras do a lot??? take their own pics
 non j'aime pas mes yeux de panda
Coming out of the karaoke we took some puliculas
waiting for the puliculas to get outDSC01967   waiting for the pullicula to come out
That’s a great picture of the air breathing machines that Grazie told me about and that I saw in the combini, there are two flavours
 grapefruit and strong mint
 chuuhai ou saourDSC01964grapefruit flavourportable oxygen sprayer ..strongmint flavour
 bye bye Kyoto tower