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Dragon statue from Hosoda Mamoru’s Ryu to Sobakasu no Hime unveiled in Kochi Pref. town

Dragon statue unveiled in Kochi Pref. town – The Japan News
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Ochi is quite close to Kochi, an interesting visit to add to my future list.

If you are in Japan around the Kochi Yosakoi festival ( 9-12 August) I highly recommend it for the gorgeous costumes, the energy, the diversity of the groups and the great time. Pick a space on the ground and sit down on a Hello Kitty mat bought it a 100 yen shop. Enjoy the warm welcome of the people around you, you can offer some free space on your mat it will be most welcome.

Filmmaker Chie Hayakawa imagines a Japan where the elderly volunteer to die | The Japan Times

The premise for Chie Hayakawa’s film, “Plan 75,” is shocking: a government push to euthanize the elderly. In a rapidly aging society, some also wonder: Is the movie prescient?
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It reminds me of an elderly Japanese man who said he was willing to buy rice from Fukushima prefecture just after the nuclear reactor catastrophe because he said he wanted to help local farmer and he was old so he was going to die anyway.

What’s Japanese on Netflix this week? Comme les grands

I remember watching one of the videos where a little girl walked alone to bring some parcel to her mom, followed by the watchful eyes of the town’s grandmother but the series goes even further sending kids to walk along busy streets to buy food from the supermarket!

Interesting to u deter and some aspects of the Japanese mentality .
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Japan’s struggling tourism sector despairs at lack of COVID exit

Japan is increasingly an outlier in a region that is lifting border restrictions and reviving quarantine-free travel.
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I thought it was a very interesting article dealing with companies in the tourism industry in Japan. Not very optimistic though!