Si les pays étaient des personnes (illustrations par Anastasia Bulgakova)


J’ai choisi le Japon et la France bien sûr! Par l’artiste russe Anastasia Bulgakova

L’auteur explique: « Japan is a silent guy, with a suspicious smile. Likes technologies and perversions. Has some strange relationships with other countries, especially the neighbours. Ah, that sweet-sweet China… No one ever truly knows his real motives and desires (or how many « true » superforms he has), and he never answers anyway. But one thing is certain- even if he kills you, he will be extremely polite about it. Even though he likes technology, he has a real body, and the hi-tech armor is mere augmentation to his abilities and skills. He can be classified as a close-quarters fighter, but prefers speed and agility over heavy armor. He uses a spear and a tail (or tentacle?) to hold his opponents at some distance (but really, I am just sick of seeing katanas everywhere). For long range, he uses exploding spheres. »

Et nous, en gros on est desvampires nobles

« An alternate reality France. Here the monarchy has won, and the revolution failed. He is an ancient country now, more that 1500 years old. An aristocrat and a vampire. Blood and wine is totally his style, and art, of course. The monarch’s reign is supreme, and the vampire nobility is stronger than ever. He absolutely hates revolutions, uprisings, equality and « power of the people ». Believes that democracy is just a big lie, that other countries use to fool their citizens and make them more obedient. He prefers the old-fashioned way, and there will be no « freedom and equality » under his rule, until people will grow enough to deserve it. First, they need to understand how low they have fallen, and how destructive it would be to give them any power in their current state. And when that happens, well, we shall see… This is his great compassion, as an old and wizened ruler. »

Au cas ou vous demanderiez il y a quand même des femmes, les USA et le Mexique (qui est ma préférée)

source: Bored Panda

Publié par Mchan

Octobre 2022 est le GRAND RETOUR au Japon! De nouvelles idées shopping , des photos, des onsens et les grandes retrouvailles avec les pays, sa culture, les amies...

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