DIY: fais ton poster de Harry Potter (Have you seen this wizard? )

Coucou, étant en plein DIY pour Halloween voici une super idée pour faire partie de l’histoire et transférer une photo de vous sur LE poster Have You Seen This Wizard?


DIY Tutorial: Have You Seen This Wizard? Wood Image Transfer

Sirius Black, Barty Crouch Jr., Bellatrix Lestrange–the wizarding world is full of unsavory wizards and witches wanted by the Ministry of Magic. Now you can be one of them! Using our downloadable image, it’s possible to transfer a regular computer printout onto wood surfaces. Image transfers are a very popular craft, and, best of all, they’re easy to do. So don your robes (or craft aprons) and come along!



  • Click to download: Harry Potter Wish List’s printable wanted poster
  • An image of yourself (4.5”x5”, on computer paper)
  • 8”x10” plaque or panel or light wood (found at your local craft or hardware store)
  • Gel medium (matte)
  • Decoupage glue sealant (matte)
  • Washcloth
  • Paint brush or foam brush



Dust off your panel of wood. It should be smooth to the touch, so it’s best to find a surface that is pre-sanded.

To combine your picture with the poster, there are two options that will work best:

  • Cut out the picture of yourself and place it into the box on the poster. Make a copy of it with a photocopy machine, creating one image.
  • OR, using image editing software, place your image in the box on the poster, and print it out.



Using your brush, spread the gel medium on the wood. Spread the gel liberally–if you don’t use enough, your image will not fully transfer. Once spread, smooth it out with your brush so there are no globs or bumps. Rinse off your brush under warm water.



Carefully lay the poster face down on the wood panel. Make sure the image lines up within the wood border. Using your hands or a straight edge, start from the center and smooth out any bubbles. Let dry overnight (about eight hours). Don’t continue to the next step until the gel is completely dry!



Soak your washcloth in water. Lay the cloth over paper and press down to distribute water. Rub the wood with your fingers until all of the paper comes off. If your fingers get tired, the rough side of a sponge also helps take the paper off. Don’t worry if some parts of your image scrub off a little! It will only look more authentic to the world of Harry Potter.

Check out your work. If there are any patches of paper left, you can apply more water to remove it.



Dry the wood with a fresh cloth or paper towel. Let stand for a few minutes to finish drying. Spread two coats of glue sealant over the entire image and smooth. This will make sure your image lasts. Let set for 30 minutes.



Look out, Ministry of Magic! Your wood print should look like you just broke right out of Azkaban! You can either lean the print on a windowsill, stand it on its side, or attach a picture hanger on the back. But make sure you have a professor or other adult help you with any nails or drilling!

Now that you know how to transfer images, you can show all of your fellow wizards and witches how to make their very own Harry Potter wood prints.


It’s time to show off your work of art!  Share your Have You Seen This Wizard wood block on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #HPWLImageTransfer.

And, feel free to comment below with any questions, conce

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