les gothique d’Harajuku

Hi, today was a busy day. First I visited a japanese school I went to a class and they asked me lots of questions about France, in English. They are the pupils with whom my own pupils are corresponding so I took some pictures of then to show the girls in my japanese class.
Then I came back to Shinjuku because today was the day when Harry Potter and the deathly hallows was published and I wanted to buy it.
I didn’t have the time to read it because, after a quick sushi in a lovely kaiten zushi where I had the best chuu toro I have ever eaten ( melting on your tongue) I went to Harajuku. This time I didn’t pay my respect to Maiji Jingu but went around looking for gothic clothes.
Unfortunatly the sizes are way too small for someone who hasn’t  had all her ribs removed.
The prices are crazy too…..considering the very limited amount of cloth used to make the skirts for example. 2000 yen for a tie is also way too high for just an extra zipper or a bit of dark cloth and a safety pin so I bought some funny cheap 500 yen ones and I’m going to customize them myself.
It was fun to see that people actually dress like a manga character.
I’m back to the internet cafe waiting for Alexandra to finish and the guy in the booth just next to me is very noisy and swearing "bakaaa!!!!"  "nandaroooo!!!!" ..strange strange.

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