tokyo.. will the bubu be there???

Hi, I m in kyoto now. I left Kyoto this morning with my lovely RAILPASS and arrived in ASAKUSA. The guy in KIKUYA RYOKAN was really nice and took me on even though it was not check in time but I thought he was going to break his back carrying my bag upstairs.
I saw some crazy girls who waved at me like mad from the nozomi while I was putting on my bindi on the platform, I’ ll put the photo later  YEAH RIGHT  with all those i didn’t manage to put before now.
Photo 275
I had to leave  crokke chan aka ade and the bubu aka jimmy snif snif…..
will the bubu find his way to asakusa??? you will know it if you read the crazy adventures of the gaijin girl
By the way ASAKUSA MON is now under heavy repair which means that you cannot see it at all. I discovered a lovely shop seeling delicious sembei for lunch and bought 10 bundles of incense sticks for helene.
OK I have to explain about the pictures. the reason I haven’t put all those I have taken is that  msn wants me to install a controll and that they don’t accept it in cafes so I have tried to create a new blog , non msn, but it’s all in japanese and that is a little over my present abilities.YEAH I know I have the technological ability of an overcooked noodle !!!
By the way talking about abilities I have done a mock japanese test, a written one, and I have got 52 out of 100 which is not too bad considering that I cannot read a lot of the kanjis in the question…..

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